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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Watch Soy Tu Duena Capitulo 141 Online Video

Soy tu duena capitulo 141:
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Soy tu duena capitulo 141, Leonor and rescue Valentina Sabino, José Miguel learns that his mother knew all along where he was. Leonor tells Sabino who have to continue before Rosendo finds them, he said Valentina Sabino Lucero can no longer prompts you to hold.
Leonor tells Valentina has to do their part because José Miguel  pending. In this, a rider is approaching, Sabino not see his face, tells Eleanor to be off the horse and takes his rifle, waiting for what worse.
At the clinic in San Pedro, the commander Toledo visit to Felipe, trying to find out about the death of Oscar Ampudia. Philip does not know what to say, but Sandra asks him to tell the commander that Ivana is the killer.
In ‘The Bells’, Ivana tells Isabel who has no idea how bad you feel, but swears that Rosendo note was invented by him to harm her, Isabel Isabel interrupts shouting that enough is enough lies, does not believe anything because it has lost confidence in her and feel a great sadness to see what has become his life when he had everything to be happy.
Ivana, not knowing what to say to Elizabeth, asks for help as the death of Oscar, remember, said it was an accident, his life or his, then he claims to be a fraud as a mother for not knowing how to defend.
Meanwhile, Jose Miguel is released from the syndicate, is to Leonor and learns that she and Valentina Sabino have rescued. He asks her if she knew where it was that had caught Valentina Rosendo. Leonor is confirmed.  José Miguel is shocked.

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