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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch free online HeartBreaker French movie Trailer France Film review cast photos

HeartBreaker  French movie 2010

Romance Movie

Genre: Romance
Director: Pascal Chaumeil
Cast: Vanessa Paradis, Romain Duris, Julie Ferrier, François Damiens, Héléna Noguerra, Andrew Lincoln, Jacques Frantz, Amandine Dewasmes
RunTime: 1 hr 45 mins
Released By: Festive Films & Cathay-Keris Films
Rating: NC-16 (Some Nudity & Sexual References)

The Story:
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Alex (Duris) and his sister break up couples for a living. From Morocco to Monaco to Paris, no location is too far and no challenge is too great. With a 100% success rate, they’re at the top of their game. However immoral their profession may seem, there are some rules that render it quite honorable:

Rule 1: Never break up a happy couple.

Rule 2: No falling in love.

When a wealthy man hires them to break up his daughter and her boyfriend, the rules start to bend. After a thorough investigation, there is no doubt that they are the perfect couple. Money problems, however, cause them to take on the job (violation of rule #1). After a couple of days with Juliette (Paradis), even Alex, the most professional of professionals can’t resist her allure (violation of rule #2). It’s looking like the agency’s reputation is at stake, and for the first time ever, the heartbreaker risks being the victim of a broken heart!

It’s just too bad that the reviewer for this romantic comedy isn’t of the female species. It’s also just too bad that this male reviewer isn’t half as good looking as the movie’s male lead Romain Duris. Of course, it doesn’t help that this reviewer isn’t exactly a die hard romantic, which is why an impossible premise like that doesn’t exactly excite him.

Sure, marketing collaterals also tell him that this movie is a hit at the France box office, but it only means that there’s something in most of us (or at least, the French) that wishes for a fairy tale like that to happen in real life.

The movie’s protagonist is Alex, who operates a business with his sister and his sister in law to break couples up. The only moralistic part about this business? The woman has to be “unknowingly unhappy” before the charming Alex makes his move. His latest assignment is to break up a rich man’s daughter and her British fiancé. How will our suave hero accomplish his task in one week, and when the couple seems to be blissfully in love with each other seven days away from their wedding?

When you are heavily in debt, you better make the impossible possible. Or at least, you can be sure everything will turn out well in a crowd pleasing movie like this.

In 105 minutes, you will be transported to a world where there is little to worry about love, because everything seems to fall nicely into place at the end of the day. It sure helps that the movie moves along at a breezy pace which makes the otherwise predictable plot easy to sit through. It is sprinkled with good natured humour which all romantic comedies are obliged to contain. While the setups aren’t anything refreshing, they do make for an enjoyable evening out at the movies with your other half.

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy picturesque backdrops with equally beautiful people in the foreground?

Duris (The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Moliere) plays the titular heartbreaker with so much charm and charisma that one can only imagine that if there is really such a person in real life, it would be a sin for any female not to fall in love with him. And as for the female protagonist, Vanessa Paradis (you may want to know her as Johnny Depp’s partner – the lucky girl) portrays a girl who is torn about what she really wants in life at the altar. While this personality isn’t exactly a breath of fresh air by today’s cinema standards, Paradis does a decent job in delivering an empathetic performance which conveys loss and confusion. The supporting cast does a fine job too, from the comedic pairing of Julie Ferrier and Francois Damiens to the menacing Jacques Frantz. There is much chemistry among the cast members, and the movie sparkles because of this.

Being a French production, there is lots you can expect from it. The elegance and style from the French easily gives it a chic feel which you won’t find in Hollywood equivalents. But knowing the Americans, they have already bought the US remake rights to produce the Hollywood version, thanks to its phenomenal box office success at home. So who would we be seeing in the role of the deliciously appealing male protagonist? Forgive this bitter reviewer while he goes through his list of “Must Hate Hollywood Heartthrobs”.

HeartBreaker Movie Review:

From Priceless to The Girl from Monaco and now Heartbreaker, the French Riviera — more particularly Monaco, Nice and Cannes — and its wealthy players seems to an inexhaustible source for romantic comedies and dramas, which arguably reflects French society's need for escapism and a better life during those quite morose times.

Set in Monaco, this romantic comedy about a middle-class man seducing a rich and beautiful woman is clearly conceived as a naive working class fantasy but the casting of two edgier actors in the lead roles, Romain Duris (The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Paris, Russian Dolls) and actress-singer Vanessa Paradis (Girl on the Bridge) broadens its reach beyond its target audience.

Duris plays Alex, a professional Heartbreaker who gets hired by Juliette's dad to stop her from getting married to a rich and successful man. When the movie starts, we are told that Alex only takes jobs that are supposed to save women from an unhappy life but when he takes on wrecking Juliette's happy relationship, the script seems to turn into a weapon of social vengeance, showing us how a good working class man can triumph over a "perfect" upper class man. I certainly have nothing against that type of message, but the problem is that Heartbreaker bites its own tale. On one hand, the film is built like a predictable fairy tale while, on the other hand, it pokes fun at cheesy cultural icons and movie sequences that should appeal to its core audience.

As a result, Heartbreaker looks like a hybrid manufactured work, trying to digest too many genres that tend to contradict themselves, whether it's in terms of narrative or direction. For example, the film goes for screwball comedy, a mainstream subgenre but at the same time has strong — and more elitist — ironic tones (and to be frank, if you are like me jokes about Dirty Dancing and George Michael are always welcome). The final sequence where the lovers run, out of breath, toward each other is another awkward moment, where you are supposed to both enjoy that cliché and laugh at it at the same time. First-timer Pascal Chaumeil's direction suffers from a strong lack of focus as well, going for a trendy Steven Soderberg's Ocean 11 approach in the first half — chopped editing and obnoxious soundtrack — before slowing down to get into cruise controlled romantic mode.

Beside quite a few amusing moments, what mostly saves Heartbreaker from total wreckage is the presence of Duris and Paradis who, successfully playing against cast here, communicate their fun to the audience. Surrounded by talented supporting actors, they at least manage to provide for an entertaining moment, which you will forget as soon as you will walk out of the theater.

It’s always nice when Romcoms have a little substance, appeal to both sexes and don’t star Matthew McConaughey.  Heartbreaker ticks all these boxes and more.

Alex Lippi (Duris) is one of those guys man-kind loves to hate – he’s good looking with incredibly trendy non-Ginger facial hair, he smooth-talking and he’s French – all the things that make us flawed specimens look daft. This floppy haired anti-hero is employed by an agency to break up couples by seducing the female. Most of the time this seems pretty easy but his latest task is to prevent a beautiful French woman (Paradis) from marrying a millionaire English suitor (Lincoln) who seems to be a perfect match for her. The catch is that as he needs this pay off within a week to pay back the gangsters he owes before he gets nobbled.

This impressive solo Directorial debut from Frenchie Pascal Chaumeil Heartbreaker is a nice mixture of romance, comedy and action and even contains a couple of gangsters. Heartbreaker manages to be charming and clever with slick production and engrossing action. It also boasts a Mediterranean setting that is very easy on the eye and a little different  The characters remain likeable and the mood upbeat despite featuring most of humanity’s worst traits throughout the film which is a credit to the acting and Chaumeil at the helm.

What’s more is it is much better than so many other recent romcoms that tried to be different – The Ugly Truth, Bounty Hunter and Killers to name a few – but succeeded in only making me want to slap Gerard Butler (I know he wasn’t in all of these but I still wanted to). A couple of problems lie in the slight overuse of slapstick but that can be forgiven as it seems to be an indelibly French trait that cannot be cured overnight. Overall Heartbreaker is a charming, funny romantic comedy with a dash of action, to suit most tastes.